Our Process

Here at Monarch Credit Repair our process is honest and simple. We enforce the FCRA for you putting the burden of proof on the debt collectors. If they are unable to provide us the specific information we request in time, then they are required by law to delete the negative record or pay a penalty to you.
We send out the dispute letters via certified mail return receipt, keep an updated record of the changes to your three credit reports and steps taken in the dispute process. We also offer advice to improve your credit situation, obtain and maintain a high credit score. We can also negotiate settlement offers on your behalf.
The first step is to send a recent copy of your three credit reports. You can get these for free once per year from annualcreditreport.com. You can either provide us with your login information or save a copy of each report as a .pdf and email them to us.
Once we have this we will develop a plan of action that may include analyzing the reports for inaccuracies, preparing and mailing out dispute letters via certified mail return receipt, preparing a spreadsheet for tracking the data, preparing a file folder for securely storing the paper trail. We may then also discuss factors that affect your credit and opportunities to improve your score.
This first step is a 30 day process and often results in significant improvements to the credit scores and the removal of inaccurate or unverifiable negative accounts. Results may vary depending upon individual factors.
The following steps may include follow-up responses such as to debt that comes back as verified, demanding proof of the methods used to validate the debt, additional requests for verification of data related to the account, and at your discretion may include negotiating reduced payoff amounts.

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